Sending In a Bug Report

Please note: The current version of AssistantLove does not have this feature integrated. When you contact support you’ll get a download link to a version of AssistantLove that has debugging mode enabled.

When sending in a bug report it’s useful to upload a log, so I can better identify the problem that’s occurring.

To send in a log first go into the AssistantLove settings, by opening the Settings app and scrolling down to AssistantLove.

Then scroll down all the way and click on the “Debug Settings” button.

In the Debug settings you’ll first want to enable Debug Logging.

After you’ve enabled the Debug Logging you’ll want to use Siri and activate the command you’re having trouble with. After you have done that go back into the Debug menu and hit Upload Log.

Once you’ve uploaded a log you’ll get a unique identifier that you can reference when contacting support. Sending in this log will greatly help diagnose and fix any issue you’re having with AssistantLove.

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